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Posted on 01-26-2017

Ergonomics is the science of designing a job, equipment and/or workplace to fit the worker. The goal is to optimize the "fit" between each worker and his or her work environment to optimize performance and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Today, a lot of the working population sit at a computer station long periods of time. This causes physical stress on the wrist, neck and back. The repetitiveness of everyday work life may lead to cumulative trauma disorders. Desk workers often have symptoms including muscle pain, muscle fatigue, loss of sensation, tingling and reduce performance.

So how do you fight back?

Arrange your work station to fit your height. (as shown in diagram)

Exercise at your desk:


·         Head Side to Side: Bend your neck so left ear approaches left shoulder, then repeat for right. Add a little resistance by pressing your hand against the side of your head.

·         Shoulder Blade Retraction: Pull your shoulders down and back.

·         Shoulder Rotation: Circle your shoulders, then reverse directions.


  • Stretch Up: Sit up straight and imagine a cable attached to the top of your head. Gradually stretch to be as tall as possible, hold for a few seconds, then relax.
  • Sit perched towards the edge of your seat; Separate your legs to 45 degrees each side with your feet turned out slightly and in line with your knees
  • Your shoulders are relaxed and down with your chin tucked in, making the back of your neck longer Fully straighten (extend) both elbows. Make sure you keep your shoulders down and imagine your shoulder blades [scapula] are pushing together and down into a V.
  • Turn your thumbs out (externally rotate), palms up.
  • Separate your fingers.
  • Hold for 10 – 15 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times per hour.

Hand and wrist:

  •          Wrist Flex: With your elbows on desk, gently use left hand to bend right hand back toward forearm. Hold for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat on other side.
  •          Finger Fan: Spread your fingers as far apart as possible, hold, then clench fists, then release.

Keep fit:  Physical fitness can help you avoid and treat problems related to computer use. Build your stamina with exercises for strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.


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